What are some tips for choosing a Quinceanera hairstyle?

First of all, you MUST remember, a hairstyle is not like when looking for a dress that you’re able to try on sample after sample before saying yes. That’s what makes choosing the perfect Quinceanera hairstyle so difficult. It’s actually impossible to do a trial run every time you fall in love with a style. Lucky for you, we are here to save you some time! Check out this useful guide to help you choose the hairstyle of your dreams!

Pinpoint your Quince style and meet your beautician

Think about your personality, quince decoration, season, and theme. Are you a modern or extravagant Quinceañera? Glamorous or classic? Those are the type of questions you need to ask yourself whens searching for styles considering every detail of your party. Select your favorites and start the hunt for the beautician. Then, reserve a trial with one month in advance.

Think about your Quince dress

As you look for an ideal Quinceanera hairstyle you have to take into consideration your dress’ neckline, style, and shape. The hair needs to go accordingly with your dress, so to make the process easier, take a pic wearing your dress and show it to your hairstylist. This will also help decide if you need an up-do or not.

Consider your face shape

Generally, you want your hair to be in opposition to the shape of your face. So, make a confident decision by knowing your features. If you have a square face, you have to balance your beautiful angels with layers or waves. In the other hand, round faces look better with hairstyles that fall just below the chin. For heart-shaped faces, you should draw attention away from the chin with side swept bangs. If you have a long face opt to add volume to your hairstyle with waves and layers.

Remember, feel comfortable with your Quince hairstyle

You want your Quinceanera hairstyle to last all night, but you also want to feel comfortable every step of the way. If you want to wear hair accessories to add extra glamour, be aware of anything that pokes or prods from the get-go, don’t risk been miserable on your special day! Try the hairstyle a month before the party and wear all the accessories you want, so that way you’ll test them with time in advance.

Last but not least, be yourself!!

Trust yourself. You’ll probably have your family helping choose the right hairstyle, but at the end, the decision is yours, so trust what your gut tells you. Your hairstyle should be a compliment of your personality and look. Good luck!

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