Moonstone: Benefits, Who Should Wear It, and How?

Moonstone, as the name suggests, is the stone of the moon. This beautiful gemstone is eye-catching and is found in various colors. But the white moonstone is the most popular because of its resemblance with the moon.

With its beautiful hue, this stone gives an alluring look but it is mainly known for its astrological significance. In Hindi, the moonstone is known as Chandramani, which literally means the moon jewel.

Also, in Vedic astrology, this stone is said to be ruled by the astrological planet Moon.

In this article, we will know all about the moonstone, the benefits it provides astrologically, and who should wear this gemstone.

Astrological Significance of the Moonstone

Natural moonstone have been believed to be a stone of extreme power. It protects many people. People from many cultures since ancient times believe that the moonstone can protect the wearer from many negative energies. The aura of the stone forms a shield that saves the wearer from evil spirits and bad omens as well as from negatively influencing people who want to harm you in any way.

There are many other benefits of wearing moonstones, many of which are mentioned below:

  • The moon is known for its beauty and the white light of it which provides calmness in the night. This symbolizes the moonstone as a stone of peace and calmness. Bringing the wearer out of their emotional turbulences, the moonstone gives the person harmony and serendipity.
  • Moonstone is a true charm, it increases the creativity skills and imagination powers in the person which helps people in the artist field be more artistic. Often astrologers recommend this stone to writers and painters as well as producers and directors, overall anyone in the field who need out-of-the-box ideas.
  • The moonstone benefits include making you more self-aware by enhancing your intuition powers.
  • Reducing your nightmares, the moonstone will also help you with your sleeping patterns.
  • The moonstone also assists the person in opening their mind to new things and perspectives. It makes the person more spiritually awakened and guides the person in the right direction.

Who Should Wear the Moonstone?

The moonstone is associated with the Moon and hence this stone is advised to people who have the adverse effects of the moon in their birth chart or horoscope. The positive energy of this stone will neutralize the negative effect that is in your chart.

People born under the Cancer sign can also wear this stone, as it will be suitable for their birth sign.

If you want to wear the moonstone, you should consult an astrologer to ensure the compatibility of its ruling planet with your horoscope. Once you have checked its suitability, you should wear this stone. If it’s not suitable, you should not wear it; otherwise, you have to face its side effects.

How to Wear the Moonstone?

To wear a moonstone, you should perform a Vedic pooja and show your devotion to Chandra Dec, Lord Moon.

Best Day & Time: The best day to wear a moonstone is a Monday during Shukla Paksha, and the best time is the early morning hours.

Which finger to wear the moonstone in?: The moonstone can be worn in the form of a bracelet, a pendant, or a ring. If you are wearing it as a ring you should wear it in your pinky finger or the last finger of the working hand.

Purification: To purify your moonstone, use Gangajal or Panchamrit.

Moonstone Mantra:

“ॐ सों सोमाय नम:”

“Om Soum Somaye Namah”

After bathing and daily worshipping, take your moonstone, apply Tilak, and offer some flowers, Tulsi leaves, and incense sticks to it. Sit in a worshipping position, and chant the mantra of the moonstone 108 times, while you are on the last time wear your gemstone.

Show your full devotion to Chandra dev and you will the energy of the moonstone will flow through you.

To Conclude

The moonstone comes in colors like blue, white, cream, etc. but the white stone is the most popular for its beautiful moon-like appearance. Moon is a beautiful celestial body and with its lunar energies, the moonstone becomes a mystical gemstone.

It belongs to the feldspar mineral group; primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, and the US.

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You can also purchase other loose gemstones from their website such as Ruby, Citrine, Hessonite, Opal, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Topaz, etc.

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