Weight loss tips for post pregnancy

Weight loss tips for post pregnancy

Weight loss is already a challenge, especially if you aim for weight loss after pregnancy. Weight loss becomes a challenge for women after the delivery phase. Thus losing weight after pregnancy can be challenging.

But, with a strict diet plan, lifestyle changes, and physical workouts, it is easy to crack the goal easily with no effort. For an effective weight loss plan after pregnancy, you can consult the best dietician or, visit Tatvaayurveda, which is the Best Weight Loss Clinic in Calicut.

In this blog, I have shared some best and most effective weight loss tips post-pregnancy, which can help you cut off all your accumulated junk from your body. Read the blog further to know more.

What is the reason for weight gain after pregnancy?

Here are a few following causes of weight gain after pregnancy;

Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal Changes is one of the primary cause of weight gain after pregnancy. After pregnancy, women encounter an enhanced rate of hormones like progesterone and estrogen. It leads to fat storage and body water retention, resulting in weight gain. When the hormones change, your metabolism rate also changes, which fluctuates your appetite and thus increases your weight simultaneously.

Fat Accumulation:

Sometimes during the pregnancy process, fat accumulation is vital as it helps support the fetus’s growth in the women’s body and supplies it with a sufficient amount of energy. Fat accumulation is a standard process during pregnancy and is necessary for your body’s further growth and development.


After pregnancy, women undergo many emotional ups and downs. The face is so challenging for women to cope with, and as a result, they depend on food products to manage their external stress levels and emotions. Therefore, some tasks must be added to your routine to control your emotions.


Mostly it is seen that after breastfeeding, women tend to lose weight as it burns out more calories. But some women tend to gain weight due to an increase in weight and also a reduction in physical activity. Thus the breastfeeding phase is not the same for everyone and as a result, some women may undergo weight gain.


Genetics also plays a vital role here in the weight gain after pregnancy. Genetics plays a crucial role in determining where the body stores fat, which may influence post-pregnancy weight gain in people. Thus genetics is also one of the reasons for weight gain after pregnancy.

Lack of Sleep:

Less Sleep or lack of Sleep can also make you gain extra weight. If you are having disturbed or less Sleep than after delivery due to baby care or any reasons, you may, unfortunately, earn some excess weight automatically; Thus, focusing on your sleep routine can help maintain your weight.

Certain Conditions:

Many women face several medical conditions like hypothyroidism and PCOS after pregnancy, leading to increased weight or adding extra kilos to their weight.

The following factors contribute to weight gain in women after pregnancy.

List out some best weight loss tips post-pregnancy.

Here are a few best post-pregnancy tips to follow to help shed your extra kilos faster;

Drink Water:

Anyone planning for weight loss is advised to drink plenty of water as this will help maintain your metabolism. Therefore you will have a controlled appetite, and it will also be easier to shed your extra Kilos faster than usual. Thus start your weight loss plan with water.


Of course, there is no gain without pain. Exercise is a must in your routine if you are planning for weight loss. Try to start your weight loss workout journey with a walk. Walking for at least an hour can help manage and control your weight to a certain extent. Therefore try to start your fitness routine with walking followed by others.

Plenty Sleep:

Just like your stomach yearns for food when it’s hungry; similarly, even your brain craves some rest for a healthy balance of your body. Hence, ensure that you provide proper rest to your body to avoid further ill effects. Try to have adequate Sleep for at least 8-10 hours per day for clear and effective relief from the ongoing pressures of life. It would also be helpful for you in your weight loss.

Reduce Expectations:

Try to have realistic expectations about the weight loss you have planned for. Have some belief, trust the process, and give it some time. Do not rush over faster results and try shortcuts. Try to have patience and stay stick to your routine. Hence, if you are planning for weight loss, carefully plan the process and wait for the results.

Eat Healthy:

Cravings are usual, but how you tend to control them is what makes them under control. Instead of munching on unhealthy foods, try to replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Add salads, fruit juices, cereals, and sprouts for a healthy weight balance. Try eating a healthy diet for better health and control your weight.

I hope you find the blog helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries, comment here in the section below. Thank you for reading. Read more blogs like this.

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