How 3D Motion Graphics Services Elevate Business

Powerful Visuals: How 3D Motion Graphics Services Elevate Business

Today, you can find marketing videos on a wide range of platforms. Moreover, marketers are using videos considering the fact 73% of people prefer watching short videos to learn about products. It is also what research data reveals. Moreover, 3D motion (moving) graphics videos with powerful visuals that motion graphics services specialize in prove very helpful for businesses. Videos in this format benefit businesses in a number of ways.

In this post, we shall tell you how explainer video companies elevate businesses with moving graphics video production. Later, we shall tell you about the key phases that they go through to produce such videos. Before diving into our main topic, we shall like you to understand first:  What is motion (moving) graphics?

Understanding Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a type of animation that intersects graphic design and animation. For the same reason, it has other names, such as animated infographics, moving graphics, and more. Besides, it is a type of animated content that helps businesses convey messages via moving images, kinetic texts, and shapes.

Moreover, it is possible to produce moving graphics animation via other types of animations. Mixed media animation and 3D animation, to name a few. Animated infographics combine voice-over, music composition & sound design to evoke emotions, communicate stories, and mesmerize audiences.

How Do Professional Motion Graphics Services Elevate Businesses?

The Best Motion Graphics Services help businesses come up with one-of-a-kind 3D moving graphics animations. Moreover, 3D animated infographics or moving graphics elevate businesses or help them stand out in various ways. We have mentioned below: How?

1.      Help Businesses Emotionally Communicate Their Brand Story

3D animated infographics allow businesses to powerfully communicate their brand story with the audience. Moreover, the combination of powerful voice-over, moody music, and mesmerizing visuals aid in the creation of stunning moving graphics animation. As a result, it helps businesses emotionally communicate their brand story with the audience.

Moreover, you can evoke joy and compassion in viewers with the aid of animated infographics. Doing so will aid you in making your customers positively recognize your brand or business. Besides, it is one of the ways how 3D moving graphics animation elevates businesses. 

2.      Allow Viewers to Easily Consume Branded Content, Which Benefits Businesses

According to research data, “consumers nowadays spend 19 hours watching video content weekly.” Further, it is not anything surprising considering the fact watching videos lets you have a passive experience. You have to play the video and sit back only to watch the video content. For the same reason, the majority of customers these days prefer watching videos to learn about the products or services.

Furthermore, 3D moving graphics animation allows businesses to easily deliver a contained message. Viewers can easily consume such content, which also encourages them to take the right action. That is, buy and try the products or services, which eventually benefit businesses.  

3.      Help Businesses Effectively Communicate Lots of Information

Visual communication proves very effective for businesses because the human brain processes visuals immediately. Besides, a study reveals, “you can process visual information in as little as 13 milliseconds.” Thus, you can understand why complex information becomes easier to understand if you see them.

With the aid of visual storytelling, 3D animated infographics break down complex information for easy delivery. It aids brands in simply and clearly communicating their message to the audience.

Not to mention, animated infographics that 3D motion graphics services specialize in prove very useful for businesses for the following:

●       Tutorials

●       How It Works

●       Data Visualization

●       Communicating Abstract Concepts

4.      Prove Beneficial for Businesses on a Continuous Basis

Nowadays, social media and media platforms support videos. For the same reason, you can share or distribute your moving graphics videos in different places. Moreover, it allows you to extend the life cycle of your marketing campaigns. In addition, you can break up your moving graphics video content tailored to different audiences. Moreover, you can add your content to a presentation and more.

All of the aforementioned things mean you can use your animated infographics video content for branding again and again. Moreover, it will keep benefitting your business on a continuous basis. It is also one of the best benefits of moving graphics video content for businesses.

5.      Let Businesses Communicate a Lot in a Short Period of Time

3D moving graphics videos that professional motion graphics services specialize in are one of the types of explainer videos. Therefore, their length generally ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, which is the optimal length for video explainers. Yet, such videos allow businesses to communicate a lot of information in a short time. How?

Animated infographics videos combine audio and visuals, which let viewers easily process the information after watching them. Besides, you can explain in a minute via these videos what you would explain with a 1500 words article. By the same token, moving graphics videos allow businesses to communicate across a variety of touchpoints. Promo videos and traditional ads, to name a few. Hence, you can understand how these videos elevate businesses while letting them communicate a lot in a short period of time.

How Do the Best Motion Graphics Services Create Moving Graphics Videos for Businesses?

Hiring the right explainer video company is the key to creating one-of-a-kind motion graphics videos. Moreover, there are four phases that professionals go through to produce one-of-a-kind moving graphics videos, which we have mentioned below.

Phase 1: Create an Engaging Script to Tell a Story

In the first phase, one of the creative writers in the company comes up with an engaging script. Moreover, creative writers create engaging scripts based on business goals while meeting the ideal word count required for the video.

Phase 2: Come up with a Storyboard

Once the script is ready, one of the storyboard artists in the company starts developing the storyboard. Besides, a storyboard is what brings together the script and visuals to anticipate how the final product will look.

Phase 3: Transform Storyboard into the Design

Once the team in the company has an idea about the storyboard with sketches, it transforms it into the design. Everything that professionals use in this phase has implementations in the final (4th) phase.

Phase 4: Animate the Final Designs to Make the Product Ready

It is the phase where everything comes together to get the final product ready. The pace of the video, music, and sound effects are the things that professionals think about in this phase. Moreover, it allows professionals to produce the final video in line with business goals.

Following the aforementioned steps, motion graphic artists produce brilliant moving graphics videos that help businesses successfully promote their brand identity.


These days, you can find video content on social media and media platforms. Besides, businesses use video content today in their marketing campaigns because many customers prefer learning about products via videos. Moreover, 3D motion graphics videos that moving graphics services specialize in help companies elevate their business. They help businesses emotionally communicate their brand story, communicate a lot of information, and more. In addition, there are four main phases that explainer video companies go through to create brilliantly animated moving graphic videos. Those four phases include creating a script, a storyboard, transforming it into the design, and animating everything. To finish, investing in animated infographics is a great investment for businesses considering the benefits it offers.

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