Is It a Good Idea to Install a Kitchen Cabinet in Walnut Color and Wood?

Do you want to update your kitchen cabinets? You might have encountered multiple questions regarding the wood selection and style.

Selecting the right walnut color and cabinet doors involves taking into account the theme of the kitchen. walnut is a great choice if your theme is coastal, southeastern, or farm-style. Walnut cabinets suit contemporary and traditional styles and go well with other woods, such as oak, making them versatile and practical.

Moreover, the natural look of walnut is unique and make the cooking space stand out. But often homeowners wonder if it is the right choice for their kitchen. So, in this article, we are going to consider the pros and cons so that you know if it is a good idea to install them in your kitchen.

Pros of Walnut Cabinets

Modern walnut cabinets are beautiful and durable making them the best choice for constructing cabinets. They come with many other benefits. Let’s check them out.

1.      Wearing Resistance

Homeowners will benefit from walnut kitchen cabinets since they have more aesthetic appeal. One of the top benefits of walnut discount kitchen cabinets MN is their resistance to wear.

Among the strong woods available, walnut kitchen cabinets will last for years without displaying signs of wear and tear. Walnut cabinets of the highest quality can endure wear and tear before requiring replacement.

2.      Versatile and Timeless

Adding character and style to your kitchen can be achieved easily with walnut cabinets. Walnut is one of the most attractive materials that you can use for your kitchen cabinets. This is due to its unique wood grain and deep color.

Mix and match the look of the natural walnut cabinets since they come in different finishes, including clear coatings, natural stains, painted, raw and unfinished, and in different patterns.

Modern-day kitchen has long used walnut wholesale cabinet set for creating an impeccable interior with rich, deep colors and a natural beauty that’s difficult to replace with other woods.

3.      Strong

Apart from its incredible texture and beauty, walnut is extremely beautiful. It has natural oils that provides protection against wear and tear. In comparison to maple or oak, walnut is usually more durable and can be repainted easily. Moreover, walnut boasts of scratch resistance which means fingerprints and scratches will be less of a concern.

4.      Acoustic Properties

Choosing walnut cabinets and appliances is wise since provide stunning acoustic properties, resulting in a quieter kitchen environment. In case you enjoy a peaceful cooking space, it is an ideal option.

Cons of Walnut Cabinets

Even though walnut discount kitchen cabinet are stylish and durable, they have a few drawbacks.

5.      Expensive

Walnut cabinets might be a tad pricier than traditional cabinets, but they can lead to savings in the long term. Although they are usually more costly than maple or oak, they are less accessible in the market. They can last for three decades or more with proper care and maintenance.

6.      Heavy and Needs Proper Care

Walnut cabinets are visually appealing but they take up more space than other types of cabinets. Moreover, they can be heavy to install. Hence, if you plan on buying them online or want them to be delivered to your home, you should factor in the shipping costs.

Caring and maintaining for them can be taxing and cleaning wood is a challenging task. The acidic residue will result in discoloration or staining.

Bottom Line

Walnut cabinets are a great design trend and can be a good choice for your kitchen. Regardless of being on the fence about them, they are surely worth considering. They have a unique dark color that gives your kitchen a modern feel while providing a warmer appearance than other wooden cabinets.

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