How TikTok Can Help Your YouTube Channel Grow: 8 Best Tips

TikTok and YouTube are contrastingly different platforms. But guess what? You can actually use TikTok to grow your YouTube channel and strengthen your presence on the platform. No, YouTube is not a thing of the past even when TikTok has taken social media by storm. YouTube is the second-most visited site and the largest video-sharing platform on all of the internet. 

So whether you are an aspiring creator or a seasoned one, do not underestimate the power of creating a striking presence on multiple platforms in this era. Leverage one to grow the other and vice versa. This will open a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for you.

Let’s dive straight into the subject and find out how TikTok can add to the success of your YouTube channel. 

Leveraging TikTok to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Using another platform to enhance the visibility of your content is a brilliant idea to work on. Here are a few tips that will help you leverage your TikTok profile in promoting your YouTube channel. 

Create Teasers

TikTok is a platform that thrives predominantly on shorter videos. The duration has recently been increased to 3 minutes. As a YouTube creator, you can create short teasers and trailers of your content ranging from 15 seconds to one minute long to share on TikTok. This will create curiosity in your audience, encourage them to go check out your YouTube channel, and watch the complete videos over there. 

Furthermore, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of viewers on TikTok. Teasers can be a great way to engage them and keep them hooked until they watch the full video on YouTube. 

Repurpose Existing Content

Remember, old is gold? If you have lots of previous content on your YouTube channel with fewer views, perhaps it’s time to repurpose it. Chop it off into smaller, bite-sized videos to share on TikTok. Also, include a call to action in the captions to make people aware of your YouTube channel. 

Repurposing is a great way to freshen up content that has been lying around for long. The users on TikTok are always looking forward to something unique to watch. If your videos, despite being shot before and uploaded on YouTube previously, spark interest in the viewers, it’s going to be a game changer for your channel. 

Share BTS

When you are shooting a video for your YouTube channel, do not forget to record behind the scenes as well. Share those BTS moments and bloopers on your TikTok to create hype in your audience. It’s a great way to encourage interaction from users in the form of likes, views, comments, and clicks.  

TikTok users are very fun-loving and are really excited to see such videos from creators. These videos get a lot of engagement so they are a sure chance to drive traffic to your YouTube channel as well as boost your TikTok followers

Cross-channel Contests

Running giveaways and contests is a proven tactic to enhance engagement on your content. More user engagement means there is a greater chance of people finding out about your YouTube channel and checking it out. 

As part of cross-channel contests and giveaways on TikTok, you can put a condition where people are supposed to interact with your videos on YouTube. In order to partake in the competition, a great number of users will head over to your channel, increasing your YouTube likes.

Announce Targets

One of the ways to build engagement on your YouTube channel through TikTok is to announce a target for your audience to complete. This could be anything from reaching a specific number of subscribers on your channel or views or likes on a video. 

When you announce your target to your audience on TikTok, they will definitely support you in achieving it. Some of them will go as far as to share your videos with their peers and ask them to engage with them. These are your true loyal fans and you should really value their presence on your channel.

Test TikTok Viral Hacks

TikTok is a place where trends are born overnight and videos go viral in the blink of an eye. Videos such as hacks, tips and tricks, and recipes have the potential to be viral on TikTok, receiving a lot of actionable engagement from viewers. People are looking forward to seeing whether the hacks work for real or are just a means to spark curiosity within the audience to get a vast reach. 

If you test those hacks on your YouTube channel and share snippets from the videos on TikTok without disclosing the final outcomes, it will definitely bring you loads of engagement from users. Lots of creators have gained fame and grown their channel over YouTube using this one simple tactic. You can do it too!

Include CTAs in Videos

When you are creating videos for your TikTok profile, make sure to include a call to action inviting people to head over to your YouTube channel. Calls to action may seem redundant but they have an amazing impact on the viewers. 

Do not underestimate the power of a call to action within a TikTok video. When people are beginning to or done watching the video, it’s a great time to throw in your CTA to provide them with a direction. This not only lets them know about your channel, it encourages them to subscribe to it as well. 

Share Link in Bio

Do not forget to add the link to your YouTube channel in your TikTok profile bio. It’s an impactful way to drive traffic to your channel. When someone visits your TikTok profile, the first thing they get to see is your bio. It’s an opportunity to tell people something about yourself in a few words. The link to your channel mentioned in the bio can help them discover your talent and creativity apart from TikTok. So make sure your TikTok audience doesn’t miss out on your YouTube content too. 

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