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We are humans and need to sleep and rest to boost our efficiency; we cannot work on PowerPoint slides for professional or academic project presentations around the clock. Technology advanced to minimize stress, the AI PowerPoint tool gives you a break and lets you enjoy the automatic slide generator experience.  

Plus, these tools effectively share the right information without spending much time making slides. The tool’s purpose is to let you enjoy the time you should use to work on making complex presentations and create polished presentations in minutes.  

We gathered a few tools to showcase your project’s visuals. Whether you are a teacher, corporate employee, or student, you can use creative AI tools to add value to the visual representation of your idea. You can also elevate your designs and explore boundless creativity at Youthecreative.

How AI Powerpoint Tools Work  

AI PowerPoint generator tools are generated using advanced technology that makes them efficient. You do not need to be an expert to use these tools to have a professional-looking presentation. It helps the user form point one to the end: appropriate layouts, suggesting putting relevant information and giving it in order, etc.  

Every AI tool differs from another in some points, but the aim is the same: to provide you with a professional presentation in minutes. You must choose from the options to smooth out your workflow and minimize time.  

Way To Identify The Suitable AI Tool For Presentation 

We need to study the pros and cons of anything before working with any tool for better understanding and high efficiency. Highlighted a few points for your help:  

  • Always choose a tool that has a user-friendly interface. So you will not need to spend hours learning the workstyle of it. 
  • Go with tools that create design slides and AI can generate engaging content. Use the informative points from your project to present. 
  • Match the AI tool capabilities with the software you use to present your presentation. It will create a conflict if both things do not match each other. 
  • Firstly, test the tool before working on your project to save energy and time.  
  • Try free versions of the tool. It will save you from the financial damage you will face in buying any paid tool.  

Benefits That You Will Get 

You will be amazed after learning the benefits of an AI PowerPoint generator. It can help you to do the task efficiently. Do you want to know how to minimize your workload? Stay with us!  

Saves time: once you identify any AI generator, you do not need to make a presentation manually. It will automate your work, generate slides, format text, and add images and videos.  

Improved design: everyone wants to have a visually appealing presentation. It gives your presentation a professional look by suggesting layouts, color schemes, and fonts that match your topic and audience.  

Boosts engagement: AI generators help you create more engaging presentations by adding interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, and videos to indulge your audience throughout the presentation.  

Enhances consistency: it ensures that all slides of your presentation have a consistent look and feel to deliver the content more professionally.  

Provides feedback: you can search for some AI generator tools to check and provide feedback on your presentation. It is helpful to rearrange the flow of your slides or move any other glitches.  

Offer templates and inspiration: Many AI dominators come with a variety of templates and design elements to give you inspiration for the kind of layout of slides you want for your presentation.  

Few Free AI Powerpoint Tools  

After studying them thoroughly, We have developed a few AI PowerPoint tools for you. They will help you to design impressive slides and let you save time that you spend on making them manually:  

  • Movavi Slideshow Maker 

It is a noteworthy tool for creating impressive slideshows for professional or academic fields. Everyone likes this tool because it offers a user-friendly interface with comprehensive solutions to make eye-catching presentations.  

Area Of Working: Effective in transforming photos and videos to give you a seamless experience. It means converting your media file into a visually appealing sequence. It is valuable to your work life because it contains various themes, templates, and transitions.  

Plus, you can use it without any worry whether you are a professional presenter or teacher because it adds a professional touch to your work.  

Price: This tool gives you a seven-day free trial with full functionality. After that, they will ask for a subscription.  

  • Class Point AI

It is integrated with PowerPoint to give you flexibility in customizing your content; it has sharp manufacturing skills to convert quiz questions into slides. Another reason for using this tool is its user-friendly interface to make slides about your survey or ask questions from content.  

Area of working: You can build questions such as open-ended short answers, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions. In brief, you can use this tool to convert your content into a quiz question to make it interactive.  

Price: The free version allows you to generate multiple and as many questions as you want for your presentations. Create a variety of quizzes to host interactive sections in your live classroom. It comes in paid and free versions; it is up to you which version you choose.  

  • Presentations.AI  

It offers multiple features, including you can utilize it to have visually stunning slides without worrying about layout consistency, helping you to analyze the engagement rate of your slides, and making changes according to results by adding notes, chats, and emails.  

Area of work: Convert your content into visually engaging graphs, charts, and infographics to engage your audience and increase the necessary visual appeal to grab audience interest. You can use this tool with limited time to present, allowing you to set slide timing and run smooth transitions.  

Price: This tool gives you access to both paid and free plans. In the free version, you have limited access to the net content, but unlimited users can access it.  

  • Tome AI  

Not needing content to make aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides is magical. You need to add the title or topic of your choice to have the slide, which will generate it. People usually utilize it because it allows them to customize the slides from theme to font. You can change the images in the slides.  

Area of working: You can use it to change the text to image in the presentation and documentation to presentation.  

Price: it is primarily a paid tool but also offers a free plan to let you enjoy this tool. Generate content like text images and videos, but you must collaborate with another person to make your presentations. You will get a paid version in dollars eight per month, giving you access to all features.  


Do not miss the chance to try this tool to make professional presentations for your business or setups. It has all the features that work in data visualization to present business models to others.  

Area of working: You need to try it to give your slides our distinctive appeal that nobody has. I get jinx charts and graphics to help you make your data visually appealing.  

Price: you can try the tool’s free version for 7 days with all the features this tool allows in the premium version. Try the free version to see if it is a good fit for your requirements or not.  


ChatGPT is a powerful language tool with different features, including helping generate PowerPoint slides. You can give the ChatGPT Dalle 3 plugin give prompt with the desired number of slides. It will give you slides with a custom script. Most excitingly, you can customize actions in PowerPoint slides with these tools.  

Area of working: it gives you a basic level layout. So, you can’t make a professional presentation with this. You must put your energy, time, and creativity into enhancing slide design. It enables you to do multiple customizations, including alluring images and designs to convert plain-looking slides into eye-catching presentation medium.  

Price: ChatGPT Dalle 3 is a paid tool. ChatGPT Plus starts at $20 per month to give you access to work on your personal projects.  

F&Q’ s  

  1. Can AI write my presentation for me? 

You can use AI tools for smart research and get help as an assistant because it does not shape your narrative. You can put your keywords or topic in it to get a general idea about your topic’s presentation layout.  

  1. Will my presentation look like everyone else’s? 

It is the most important question that everyone has, but you can create a distinction with the help of predesigned templates. Some tools suggest customized layouts based on your topic and style. Plus, visuals, fonts, and colors can also be customized to add a touch of individuality.  

  1. Are there any downsides to using free AI tools? 

It all depends upon your workload and what you are looking for to get from free AI PowerPoint generators such as  

  • Restricted amount of tax or image  
  • You have limited access to advanced design options or interactive elements 
  • Free versions might limit how you can export your presentation 

All the defined things can damage your workflow. You need to study each tool before starting work and eliminate unwanted situations.  

  1. How do I choose the right free AI tool? 

Different steps are given below to identify the right tool for your presentation 

  • Does that tool match your presentation style or not?  
  • Either the tool is content-focused or good in image generation. Which one do you need?  
  • Always go with a tool that has a user-friendly interface to smooth out your work process.  
  1. What are some popular free AI presentation tools? 

The list of tools includes Presentations.AI, Kroma.AI, Tome AI, and Class Point AI  

Final Thoughts 

This is the era of technology where everyone likes to present his business in an attractive presentation at any conference. The future of presentation combined with the magic of AI lets you save time and inject creativity to make them professional and eye-captivating.  

PowerPoint AI generators help you make slides that match the topic, suggest a visually stunning layout, and provide feedback to polish your delivery. However, choosing the right tool is tricky, try to get your hands on the free version to have a look and study the tool before working on the actual project.  

Different tools: Movavi Slideshow Maker, Class point AI, Presentations.AI, Tome AI, Kroma.AI, and ChatGpt Dalle-3 save countless hours, offer unique strengths, and catering different styles. They can handle the heavy workload and make you enjoy the free versions to become aware of technological advancement and make a lasting impression on your audience.  

Read the blog to see a change in your confidence with stunning slideshows!

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